Respi-Free™ Total Respiratory System Formula

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Total Respiratory System Formula

Scutellaria baicalensis, Honeysuckle, Chrysanthemum morifolium, Morus alba, Eriobotrya japonica, Polygala tenuifolia, Momordica grosvenori, Peppermint, Bulbus fritillaria thunbergii, Eucalyptus leaf, Rosemary, Mullein, Pleurisy root, Elecampane, Stinging nettles.

Respi-Free can be used as a first line treatment for breathing problems. Respi-Free is a 3 in1 combination product containing Airwaves, Lung
Flush and Herba Coff. Also beneficial for horses that compete on synthetic surfaces which may contribute to respiratory problems.
– Loosens phlegm
– Bronchodilator
– Stimulating blood flow in lung capillaries which will help remove stagnant toxins from the lungs into the general circulation where they can be diluted, detoxified and eliminated
– Used to maintain normal health to respiratory tract
– Used to treat respiratory conditions, especially infection of the upper respiratory tract. Helps support the lungs and aids in drainage
– Stimulates the activity of the lung macrophages, thus helping to clear and drain cellular debris trapped in the lung tissue
– Anti-bacterial agent
– Stimulates the opening of the airways (bronchioles)
– Relieves bronchospasms, clears mucus and aids breathing
– Anti-histamine action, helps alleviate allergic symptoms

Dose: Give 30-90 mL (1-3 oz), 1-3 times a day as required. Pre-event give 60 mL (2 oz).
Always administer by dosing syringe.

Available in 1L / 1Q and 4L / 1Gal sizes.

CAUTION: Oral use only. Shake well before use. Not recommended for mares in foal.

Respi-Free™ is manufactured under strict GMP standards. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions. We always recommend consultation with your veterinarian for proper diagnosis.



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