Equinety All Natural Amino Acid Horse Supplement

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After the great results we have seen with our personal horses, we are very excited to add Equinety for our customers!  

This same formula can be used for humans and dogs too...  same dosage.

There are no negative side effects from adding Equinety to your existing supplements/medications.

Each Tub of Equinety = 90 - 100 servings.

CLICK HERE for Sample Tub 100g 15 day supply $24.99

Equinety Horse XL is 100% pure amino acids and contains NO Fillers, NO Sugars, NO Starches and has NO LOADING DOSE! 

What I have seen with Chica

  • Soft, shiny, dappled coat even in the winter
  • Happy and more focused
  • Stands for mounting
  • Freer in her shoulders
  • No hind toe drag
  • New mane and tail growth and it is very black and soft
  • Very relaxed and free moving at walk and trot
  • Less tension during farrier work
  • Lots of stretching and releasing during massage
  • Lead change with just a slight cue...  smooth as silk
  • After chiro visit....  vet said...  I didn't have a lot to do today!
  • After farrier visit...  farrier said...  She was not as stiff and easier to work on.  





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